Weekly Writing Challenge : White is Waiting

What a better way to kick off my first post on this blog than with the WordPress Weekly Writing Challenge.  This week the friendly folks at wordpress are looking to inspire bloggers with the theme of color.  As a writer who is inspired by images, I thought it would be easy an easy task to write about color, be inspired by color, or use it as a metaphor.  But then I went to begin my first post here and all I could see was white.  Plain ol’ white.  A blank canvas impatiently waiting for me to paint a picture in words.

No pressure.

White! Intimidating white! Oh how you haunt me.  You have such a disquieting effect: my fingers and my mind are frozen in fear. You inhabit both my day and my dreams.

Look at you, so pure and clean, do I dare sully you with a poor word choice or grammatical error? With an over-the-top metaphor?

What do I do? Where do I begin?

But wait.  Is there not more to white than emptiness?  Is white not the effect of combining colors?  Not just any old colors, but the colors of the rainbow?  What inspires possibilities like the magic of a rainbow? Beautiful and dazzling. So intense!

Oh white – I’ve been so wrong about you.  What could be more unique than a snow flake, sweeter than sugar, majestic as a cloud?

You are not to be feared — you are to be welcomed. You are an inspiration. With you, white, anything is possible.

So here’s to my new blog and to all those bloggers out there who face the empty white page – embrace it and the possibilities are endless!


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