Flashback Friday

Check out the homemade decorations. Halloween was a much simpler time then.

Halloween 1992.

Set your phaser on stun.  Yes that’s me, dressed as Tasha Yar, boldly protecting the universe from evil.

I loved this costume, geek that I am. No wonder I love Big Bang Theory.

Tell me about your favourite Halloween costume.


A big thanks to Mama’s Been Drinking for the idea of Flashback Friday.


4 thoughts on “Flashback Friday

  1. It’s been years since I dressed up, but back when my husband and I were newly married, I dressed as a punk rocker, and he dressed as a nerd, and for some reason, I had him on a leash. Didn’t make much sense, but we did get a lot of laughs.

  2. I love it!! I used to watch Star Trek with my dad all the time! Are you dressing up this year? One year I was Cameron Diaz’s character from Charlie’s Angels. I wore little boys underwear and a t-shirt. I had no shame back in college! (And still don’t now 🙂

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