Why you should move (your stuff, at least)

There’s nothing moving to motivate even to worst procrastinator to clear out any unwanted or unused items. When I was in university I moved pretty much every year and until we bought the house were in now.  Needless to say, the actual move was a fairly painless one as we weren’t burdened with years of non-essentials. Ten years and three kids later, we now have house full to capacity. We live modestly, but that doesn’t stop things from piling up, plus, if your kids are anything like mine, they want to keep everything.

Recently, however, we moved my son’s bedroom into another room and I found that this had the same effect on his stuff that moving house has on your entire contents. Neither he nor I fancied moving and finding homes for his 10 year collection of junk (I mean treasures), even if was just down the hall, so together we purged and organized.

It’s amazing what you come across. Check out the picture on the right — he had this much loose cardboard in his room. How is that possible? He only had a small room (10×10 plus a closet). Truly amazing.

Now I don’t recommend moving just to purge some items or even switching your rooms around, but maybe try a different furniture arrangement in a room or two or move a couple of dressers.  I think you’d be amazed at what you find and how good it feels to be organized.


What is the craziest thing you ever found in your kids room?


5 thoughts on “Why you should move (your stuff, at least)

  1. My twin daughters, who are 14, recently stopped sharing a room. The mess of moving one to her oldest sister’s old room yielded 6 garbage bags of plain old junk, and 4 bags of clothing that no longer fit them and I could take to my local charity. We also found the hamster that had escaped a year earlier. Major uck!

    • It’s funny, in my life before kids, I would have thought finding the remains of a hamster unbelievable. Now, I completely understand how that could happen.

  2. I haven’t found anything too crazy, but I have to go fetch empty water bottles and dishes all the time. Drives me crazy, especially since I prefer to stay out of their rooms.

    But I agree, nothing like a good move to purge one of the excesses. My husband and I often talk about trying to limit the stuff we bring home. We’re pretty good at giving away or chucking stuff we don’t need, but we still have far too much of it.

    • My kids are known for leaving their used band-aids all over their rooms. It is so disgusting to have someone’s dirty bandage stuck to your foot. They have garbage cans in their rooms, I don’t understand why they feel entitled to just toss them where ever. My words seem to go unheard.

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