Flashback Friday: Christmas 1970

1970 and my first Christmas. My grandparents were excited to pass me that teddy bear. 42 years later, I still have that teddy bear. Sure, he is a little worse for wear but very much loved.

It makes me wonder what special items my kids have that they will treasure forever.

What were some of your favorite gifts and do you still have any of them today?


4 thoughts on “Flashback Friday: Christmas 1970

  1. I wasn’t into dolls much when I was little, but I do remember getting a Mrs. Weasly doll (now I’ve just dated myself). I loved her. Wish I still had it. Don’t know where she ended up. 🙂

  2. My all-time favourite gift was Johnny West, a cowboy action figure that I played with much longer than I was probably supposed to. The original went to a younger cousin at one point, but when I turned 50 – my son gave me a new (old) one for my birthday!

  3. In 1982 I received a telescope, which I had wanted forever and still have (even though the lens is trashed and it no longer focuses). But the gift that meant the most to me was when my parents had one of my stories published for me. I couldn’t believe it when I opened that small, slim package and saw my own name on the cover of a book. I cried for hours. Today, it sits in my library under “W” for “Wakefield”.

  4. There was never a real horse under the tree. 😉 But I loved the Breyer models I would get from my parents. They’re still at my mom’s house on a stand in the family room.

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