Day 5: Mimico-by-the-Lake Photography Project

Anyone coming?


Weekly Photo Challenge: In the background.


Mimico-by-the-Lake Photography Project Day 1

For 12 years now I’ve had Lake Ontario at my doorstep, not to mention one of the most spectacular view of the Toronto skyline and I totally take it for granted. Weeks, no –  months, can go by without a trip down to the water’s edge. Now I’m determined to change all that. Armed with nothing more than a new pair of sneakers and my beloved Canon I plan to go by the lake at least once a day and document that trip here. I hope you enjoy it.

Hard to believe this is city living.

Hard to believe this is city living.


Remember when the linear park was just a dream?


The times they are a changing.


Even weeds can be beautiful.

Hard to believe this is city living.

This sign says it all.