The Girls

Set in California in the summer of 1969, The Girls is a story about 14 year-old Evie who is disenchanted with her middle-class life, boys, parents, and friends. Desperately seeking connection, she falls under the influence of Suzanne, and is drawn into a Mansonesque-like cult.

Authors:Cline, Emma
Title:The girls
Publisher:New York : Random House, 2016
Available as an audiobook: yes

Discussion Points

  • coming of age
  • American counter culture
  • complexities of female friendships
  • was this merely a retelling of the Mason murders or did Cline add anything to the conversation?
  • would Evie have helped Suzanne with the murders had she remained in the car?
  • why did Suzanne kick her out of the car?
  • can anyone get caught up in a bad situation when under the right influence?
  • teens and kids previously had a lot more freedom then teens do today – better or worse?

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