Desk Mess

The image on my homepage of a desk is not mine. I found this image through WordPress and Pexels Stock Photos and used it because it represents how I would love my desk to look. The truth is I have a messy desk. I would love to have an organized workspace, but that is not my reality. Part of it is due to my ADHD. I’d also rather spend time writing than tidying. Then there are the notes written all over the place, the back of junk mail, old receipts, and post-its. Included in my mess are other things I am working on (like taxes), that unless I keep them in view, I forget about them. 

I recently took Jessica Brody‘s Fast Drafting course, and she recommended removing all unnecessary items from your desk when writing. Fewer distractions = more words on the page. I tried it, and it was, in fact, a very productive hour. It just means my desk items would be relocated to the floor for a while, which isn’t all that bad. I could easily buy a nice box or basket to put things in while writing. I am a sucker for a funky storage container.

However, I know myself well enough now to accept that I will never have a neat and tidy desk. A messy desk works for me. The nice thing about being a writer is that your workspace is as individual as you are. Each writer has a unique style and method and workspace and preferred time of writing. We can take what the experts recommend and shape it to suit our own style. And when I want to look at a beautiful clean desk, I can peruse Instagram and Pinterest (not that I’d let that distract me from writing).

How I want my desk vs. the reality.

Does a clean works space help you write?

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