Why Write Micro Fiction – Tips for New Writers

Micro Fiction is exactly what it sounds like – a very, very short story. How short? While there is no hard and fast rule, most people consider micro fiction to have a word count of 100 words or less. Personally, I love the challenge of fifty words.

When I began writing, I just wanted to sit down and write a novel. But a novel takes a long time, months, even years. Smaller projects, like short stories, flash fiction, and micro fiction, often provide a much needed sense of accomplishment.

But I don’t want to take time away from writing my novel.

It’s not time wasted. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Think of it as skill enhancement. A comparison can be drawn from sports. Not only do athletes spend hours practicing their particular sport, but young athletes are also encouraged to play a diverse array of sports. Why? Because learning different skills enhances overall athletic ability, agility, focus, and reflexes, which helps them play their selected sport better. For example, hockey players might also play lacrosse and soccer and do gymnastics.

Yes, I did just draw a comparison between hockey and writing – I’m Canadian

With all that in mind, here are my top four reasons for writing micro fiction:

  1. Nothing motivates like success.
    Getting your first journal acceptance letter is incredibly rewarding. Not only do you have something to list on your web site, it provides a feeling of validation. I can write. Someone likes my story enough to publish it. This helps get through the longs days/weeks /months of being alone and writing your manuscript.
  2. From idea to publication
    An idea is developed, planned, written, edited, critiqued, revised. Journals are researched, then queried. You receive rejection letters, and hopefully, eventually, you get it published. It’s the entire process in a tiny package.
  3. Poetic skills are developed
    I don’t write literary fiction, but writing short allows me to play with lyrical prose. I write metaphorically, focusing on a theme and layer the story with meaning. This enhances the imagery woven into my novel.
  4. Have fun
    Micro fiction is the perfect bite-size outlet for creativity. Experiment with form, words, structure, themes. Enjoy releasing your passions, dreams, desires, anxieties, even darkness.

Good luck! Please share any of your own micro stories.

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2 thoughts on “Why Write Micro Fiction – Tips for New Writers

  1. Hi Leon,
    I agree – they are a challenge to write. I think that is part of the appeal. I’ll be sure to stop by and read some of your stories. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. I call my micro-fiction, Short, short stories. Writing short stories are challenging, since you need to introduce, develop, and conclude in such a limited time frame. Micro-fiction doesn’t necessarily have to come to a conclusion; it can leave the reader with a question or be open-ended. I introduce my short, short stories this way:

    “Some ideas come to me from time to time, either during
    a sleepless night, a contemplative walk, or by looking at a
    picture I’ve just drawn. My stories have a short attention
    span- say what you are going to say and get out. And
    some, like dreams, have no obvious conclusion, so let your
    own imagination finish what I have started. ”

    I have some examples on my blog page: https://linesbyleon.wordpress.com/some-of-my-favorite-writings/

    I enjoy writing micro-fiction and short stories. One of my short stories (actually my longest one) inspired me to continue it as a novella-or novel, depending on when I stop 😊.

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