While literary fiction takes up only a small corner of the Wattpad universe, it’s there, and a lot of it is very, very good. That is where I came across Linus by Bria Olive Green – so dust off that old Wattpad account and give this book a read.

Mollie Da Silva is a young artist at the beginning of her career. She’s in a toxic relationship while trying to keep her alcoholism at a functional level with varying degrees of success. When Trix stands her up at the altar of her wedding day, Mollie gets the hell out of dodge with a bank account full of Trix’s money.

Mollie finds a small apartment and decides to get sober all on her own. However, she is not alone. She soon finds Linus living in her apartment, and he has solid opinions about how she should live her life. 

Is Mollie losing her mind? Is she hallucinating as she detoxes? 

Linus is a talking apple. 

It sounds crazy, but Bria Olive Green pulls it off.

There is no shortage of topics to discuss, so if you need a shorter read for book club (it’s more of a novella than a novel), I strongly recommend it. The author also includes a list of book club questions at the end.

Published by Janet