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New Millennium. New Me.

At least, that is what 24-year-old Vicki Meyers hopes as she moves to Montreal to start a new life. Leaving behind an abusive boyfriend and memories of childhood neglect, Vicki sets out to get her life in order and push herself out of her comfort zone.

Through her work at an animal shelter, Vicki meets Gunner, an abused dog.  As she begins to coax Gunner out of his shell, she finds herself opening up to new opportunities, one of which could be Daniel Wong, the first person to encourage her to pursue her dreams. 

But she hesitates. 

Both are damaged from failed relationships. However, Daniel’s revelation that he has taken a job out of the country changes everything. An end date gives them freedom. For two people fearful of love, it is perfect. 

When they say goodbye at the airport, Vicki knows that Daniel was the best thing to ever happen to her. Was letting him go the biggest mistake?

Published by Janet