2021 Writing Goals – The Key to Success

Lots of writers set writing goals. I am not one of them. At least not until now. In trying to take something positive away from 2020, I found that I can achieve goals if I set my mind to it.  This spring, I decided to train to run 5k. Motivated by my dog’s need forContinue reading “2021 Writing Goals – The Key to Success”

Good Dog! Trail for your good dog.

If you like dogs, then Bend, Oregon, is the place for you. Bend has numerous dog parks, pet-friendly restaurants, and lots of off-leash hiking trails. One of these trails is located close to town along the Cascade Lakes Highway toward Mt. Bachelor. Rimrock Trailhead, or Good Dog! as locals call it, is a series ofContinue reading “Good Dog! Trail for your good dog.”

Why Write Micro Fiction – Tips for New Writers

Micro Fiction is exactly what it sounds like – a very, very short story. How short? While there is no hard and fast rule, most people consider micro fiction to have a word count of 100 words or less. Personally, I love the challenge of fifty words. When I began writing, I just wanted toContinue reading “Why Write Micro Fiction – Tips for New Writers”

The Husband’s Secret

(I know this is not a new release but I just read it 🙂 ) The Husband’s SecretLiane MoriartyHardcover Published by BerkleyJul 30, 2013 | 416 Pages We all have secrets. Liane Moriarty is known for her thought-provoking women’s fiction. This book is no different as the reader is left wondering just how well they knowContinue reading “The Husband’s Secret”