Your familiarity brought me comfort. Your resilience gave me strength. But our love burned too hot. Life with you drained me of my own, leaving only our scorched remains.

Shadow Play

Everything is beautiful at dawn.  Shadows dance against my cinder block prison, hiding the slave I have become.  The mundane is made to look beautiful, the domestic looks artistic.  Each morning brings hope as I pray for my prince.


Nature is such a wonderful source of inspiration.

From writing romance to science fiction, nature can kindle so many ideas. The first five ideas that come to mind when I saw this picture was:

  • view from a romantic getaway
  • wilderness tour guides who share a kiss while the sun sets
  • hiking alone looking for answers
  • clouds of doom rolling across the sky
  • last person on earth looking for survivors

The hard part is choosing only one idea to write about.


Georgia pulled the bread out of the oven and placed it to cool.  She made bread for Danny each Friday as an after-school treat. It had been months since she baked. The bell rang at the school. Her house remained quiet. Georgia sliced the bread and ate in agonizing silence.

Spring Thaw

The frozen edge of your love scrapes my skin.  I lick it, knowing my tongue will freeze to you. Immobilized, helpless, and at your mercy, I wait for the spring thaw, and hope for new growth.