Steens Mountain Loop Road: An Unforgettable Trip

Escaping the smoke of the Oregon forest fires in the fall of 2020, we drive east from Bend. Three hours later we reach Steens Mountain. Steens Mountain is a fault-block mountain – a large rock caused by tectonic stresses – unlike the Cascade Mountains, which are volcanos. From the base town of Frenchglen, the mountainContinue reading “Steens Mountain Loop Road: An Unforgettable Trip”

Backstory Tips for New Writers

All characters and situations need backstory. The backstory is what happened before your story begins. There is backstory for characters (how did their experiences and relationships affect them) and there is a backstory for your world or situation (how the zombie apocalypse began). Writing backstory is easy compared to knowing how much of it shouldContinue reading “Backstory Tips for New Writers”

Be Frank With Me

Be Frank with MeJulie Claiborne JohnsonWilliam Morrow, 2016Hardcover, 287 pages Alice Whitley, a 24-year-old publishing assistant, is sent to Los Angeles to do whatever it takes to help a literary recluse write her next novel. While M.M. Banning (Mimi) is irritable and ungrateful, Alice’s biggest challenge is Mimi’s son Frank, an intelligent and quirky fourth-grader. MimiContinue reading “Be Frank With Me”

Dog Friendly Skiing in Central Oregon

I love snow. My dog loves snow. We are a match made in heaven, and living in Bend, Oregon, gives us a chance to enjoy the snow together. There is not one but three snow parks situated close to Bend where you can take your dog off-leash for x-country skiing or snowshoeing. Wanoga Snow PlayContinue reading “Dog Friendly Skiing in Central Oregon”

Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine

Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine. If fine can be defined as gut-wrenching loneliness and extreme vodka consumption. Eleanor Oliphant is Completely FineBy Gail HoneymanPublished by Penguin Random House, 2018 Eleanor Oliphant is a young woman, just turning thirty. Since college, she’s worked at the same job, lives alone, values routine drinks 2L of vodka eachContinue reading “Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine”