Book Talk

Being a former librarian, I love a good book talk.

These are books that I have read recently and why I recommend them.


While literary fiction takes up only a small corner of the Wattpad universe, it’s there, and a lot of it is very, very good. That is where I came across Linus by Bria Olive Green – so dust off that old Wattpad account and give this book a read. Mollie Da Silva is a youngContinue reading “Linus”

The Husband’s Secret

(I know this is not a new release but I just read it 🙂 ) The Husband’s SecretLiane MoriartyHardcover Published by BerkleyJul 30, 2013 | 416 Pages We all have secrets. Liane Moriarty is known for her thought-provoking women’s fiction. This book is no different as the reader is left wondering just how well they knowContinue reading “The Husband’s Secret”

Be Frank With Me

Be Frank with MeJulie Claiborne JohnsonWilliam Morrow, 2016Hardcover, 287 pages Alice Whitley, a 24-year-old publishing assistant, is sent to Los Angeles to do whatever it takes to help a literary recluse write her next novel. While M.M. Banning (Mimi) is irritable and ungrateful, Alice’s biggest challenge is Mimi’s son Frank, an intelligent and quirky fourth-grader. MimiContinue reading “Be Frank With Me”


If you are looking for a light read, this is not the book for you. But, if what want is a book where race, culture, feminism, friendship, and mental health all intersect with a touch of humor, you need Queenie by Candice Carty-Williams. Personally, I found that the publisher’s description does not do justice toContinue reading “Queenie”

The Girl He Used to Know

At first glance, this is a novel about love, heartbreak, and second chances. Annika and Jonathan were college sweethearts who planned a future together, however, they soon discover that life doesn’t always go as planned and they go their separate ways. Ten years later they reunite. Both a little wiser, they make a second attemptContinue reading “The Girl He Used to Know”

The Girls

Author: Cline, Emma Title: The Girls Publisher: New York: Random House, 2016 Available as an audiobook: yes Set in California in the summer of 1969, The Girls is a story about 14-year-old Evie who is disenchanted with her middle-class life, boys, parents, and friends. Desperately seeking connection, she falls under the influence of Suzanne andContinue reading “The Girls”

My Dark Vanessa

This novel is about the long term fallout from a relationship between 15-year-old Vanessa and her forty-something English teacher. Alternating between the younger Vanessa and the adult Vanessa, we are drawn into her world as she tries to make sense of her life, legitimize the relationship, and create a version of events so as notContinue reading “My Dark Vanessa”

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