2021 Writing Goals – The Key to Success

Lots of writers set writing goals. I am not one of them. At least not until now. In trying to take something positive away from 2020, I found that I can achieve goals if I set my mind to it.  This spring, I decided to train to run 5k. Motivated by my dog’s need forContinue reading “2021 Writing Goals – The Key to Success”

Why Write Micro Fiction – Tips for New Writers

Micro Fiction is exactly what it sounds like – a very, very short story. How short? While there is no hard and fast rule, most people consider micro fiction to have a word count of 100 words or less. Personally, I love the challenge of fifty words. When I began writing, I just wanted toContinue reading “Why Write Micro Fiction – Tips for New Writers”

Backstory Tips for New Writers

All characters and situations need backstory. The backstory is what happened before your story begins. There is backstory for characters (how did their experiences and relationships affect them) and there is a backstory for your world or situation (how the zombie apocalypse began). Writing backstory is easy compared to knowing how much of it shouldContinue reading “Backstory Tips for New Writers”