Flashback Friday: Christmas 1970

1970 and my first Christmas. My grandparents were excited to pass me that teddy bear. 42 years later, I still have that teddy bear. Sure, he is a little worse for wear but very much loved.

It makes me wonder what special items my kids have that they will treasure forever.

What were some of your favorite gifts and do you still have any of them today?


Flashback Friday

Check out the homemade decorations. Halloween was a much simpler time then.

Halloween 1992.

Set your phaser on stun.  Yes that’s me, dressed as Tasha Yar, boldly protecting the universe from evil.

I loved this costume, geek that I am. No wonder I love Big Bang Theory.

Tell me about your favourite Halloween costume.


A big thanks to Mama’s Been Drinking for the idea of Flashback Friday.