Good Dog! Trail for your good dog.

If you like dogs, then Bend, Oregon, is the place for you. Bend has numerous dog parks, pet-friendly restaurants, and lots of off-leash hiking trails. One of these trails is located close to town along the Cascade Lakes Highway toward Mt. Bachelor. Rimrock Trailhead, or Good Dog! as locals call it, is a series ofContinue reading “Good Dog! Trail for your good dog.”

Steens Mountain Loop Road: An Unforgettable Trip

Escaping the smoke of the Oregon forest fires in the fall of 2020, we drive east from Bend. Three hours later we reach Steens Mountain. Steens Mountain is a fault-block mountain – a large rock caused by tectonic stresses – unlike the Cascade Mountains, which are volcanos. From the base town of Frenchglen, the mountainContinue reading “Steens Mountain Loop Road: An Unforgettable Trip”

Dog Friendly Skiing in Central Oregon

I love snow. My dog loves snow. We are a match made in heaven, and living in Bend, Oregon, gives us a chance to enjoy the snow together. There is not one but three snow parks situated close to Bend where you can take your dog off-leash for x-country skiing or snowshoeing. Wanoga Snow PlayContinue reading “Dog Friendly Skiing in Central Oregon”