Weekly Writing Challenge: The Accident (A Quatern)

Here is my Daily Post Weekly Writing Challenge submission for the week. I am not a poet but I am drawn to the rules of the Quatern (4 4-line stanzas, with each line comprising of 8 syllables. The first line is the refrain, in the second stanza it appears in the second line, in the third stanza, the third line etc. )

The Accident

I did not mean to kill the judge.

The finale, Live, on TV.

The competition was tense, I

needed to be creative. Ask


him if he had allergies? No.

I did not. Mean to kill the judge?

That’s crazy. It might look that way

but why risk the prize money?


No one has died from my cooking.

Before now.  It was not preplanned.

I did not mean to. Kill the judge!

Who hasn’t though that at least once?


Or maybe twice. He was harsh. My

sauce wasn’t seasoned .My fish raw.

Sure, he deserved a scare. But no –

I did not mean to kill the judge.