Shadow Play

Everything is beautiful at dawn.  Shadows dance against my cinder block prison, hiding the slave I have become.  The mundane is made to look beautiful, the domestic looks artistic.  Each morning brings hope as I pray for my prince.

Spring Thaw

The frozen edge of your love scrapes my skin.  I lick it, knowing my tongue will freeze to you. Immobilized, helpless, and at your mercy, I wait for the spring thaw, and hope for new growth.


The disclosure of your brightness, your warmth, is unexpected. Still clothed for winter, I am not ready to receive you, but your light, so tantalizing, persuades me to peel back my layers, exposing myself to your gentle heat. Touch me; I will risk getting burned.


Sideways glance, eyes cast down, I beg you, do not disturb.

My plea disregarded, you desert me in our late winter.

Your growing needs too much for my simple character.

Your desires too much for my practical nature.

One last bitter kiss and I alone crumble, draped in transient memories.