Lost and Found Family Series

The Lost and Found Family Series is a collection of interconnected stand-alone ebooks set in Montreal that explore self-esteem, loss, friendship, found family, and the healing power of love

Six Weeks With You

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Would you allow yourself to love someone if their time with you was fleeting?

When Vicki Meyers arrives in Montreal after escaping her toxic past, she wants to be alone. If her past has taught her anything, it’s that all relationships are problematic and people can’t be trusted. But building up her resume forces her out in the world, and it’s through volunteer work that she meets Gunner, a dog who is less trusting than herself.

Opening her heart and home to this gentle and timid rescue dog cracks her armor, and before she knows it, she’s friends with Daniel, another lost soul.

When Vicki discovers that Daniel is leaving for a new job in six weeks, she feels comfortable enough to move the relationship beyond friendship. After all, she has nothing to lose. But as time winds down, things heat up, and their bond evolves in a way she didn’t think possible. Could this relationship lead to a bright new beginning for Vicki?

Set in Montreal in the early 2000s, Six Weeks With You draws upon the timeless themes of hope and possibility, along with a sense of nostalgia for a time when everyone still had landlines.

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Also available as a digitally narrated audiobook through Google Play and Kobo.

Six Weeks With You audiobook cover. This book has been digitally narrated.

Rules of Disengagement

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Stephanie is desperate for acceptance and belonging, but her diva persona pushes people away. Can true love break through her protective armor?

Rules of Disengagement is a standalone story in the Lost and Found Family Series.

Stephanie Mitchel hides the pain from her sister’s death by adhering to the Mitchel Sister’s Guide to an Awesome Life. It worked for her sister, she was popular and adored, but Stephanie is left feeling hollow and regarded as an ice queen. When her boyfriend breaks up with her on the night she expects him to propose, Stephanie’s life spirals out of control.

With no one to talk to and no support, Stephanie questions where she went wrong as she struggles to live by herself for the first time. Things go from bad to worse when Stephanie’s band is hired to perform at her ex-boyfriend’s wedding.

Despite not wanting to be there, Stephanie puts on a brave face and begins singing. But as she performs, her tough exterior begins to crumble behind the scenes. Luckily, a charming wedding guest helps her through a difficult night.

When he asks her out, Stephanie hesitates because Jake is nothing like her usual type. He’s more comfortable in hiking boots than designer clothes and prefers picnics under bright sunshine rather than sipping martinis in a dimly lit restaurant. However, having nothing else going for her, Stephanie decides to take a chance. And it works.

With Jake’s support, Stephanie opens up about the loss of her sister and rediscovers herself. But when their relationship hits a rough patch, Stephanie falls back into old patterns and sabotages everything they built together.

Alone again, Stephanie embraces an inner strength she never knew she had, vowing to move forward and live life on her own terms, even if it means facing her painful past. Can she mend her broken and dysfunctional relationships, or is it too late?

Told with emotion and humor, Rules of Disengagement examines the lasting effects of trauma on life and relationships and the healing power of love.

This poignant second book in the Lost and Found Family women’s fiction series introduces several more characters on their way to becoming a family of friends. If you enjoy stories about transformational journeys and healing love with a grumpy sunshine couple, you’ll love Janet Koops’ courageous tale.

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Family Friends

An unforgettable story about the healing power of love and friendship.

Family Friends is a standalone story in the Lost and Found Family Series.

Twenty-one-year-old Jenna McAlister has been a struggling single mother since her parents kicked her out of their home as a pregnant teen. She works tirelessly to provide a better life for her daughter, but just as she prepares to launch a mobile dog grooming business, disaster strikes with an apartment flood.

Despite the initial frustrations of having to move, it ends up being the best thing that could happen because it is there that Jenna acquires what’s been missing from her life: friendship and love.

However, when Jenna summons the courage to face her troubled past, things don’t go as planned, and her biggest fear is realized. As her life descends into a tailspin, Jenna must choose between returning to her lonely but safe existence or taking a chance on friendship, love, and a future brighter than she ever imagined. Does she have the strength to move forward?

This heartfelt third book in the Lost and Found Family women’s fiction series introduces several more characters on their way to becoming a family of friends. If you enjoy feel-good reads (even if they make you ugly cry at times) about transformational journeys and healing love, you’ll enjoy Family Friends.


Coming Fall of 2023

The last book in the series and the continuation of Vicki’s story.