Six Weeks With You

Vicki Meyers is a loner by choice. Life has taught her that relationships – all relationships – suck. After years of trying to please others, Vicki longs to discover who she is by pushing herself beyond her comfort zone. New city. New job. New role as a dog foster-mom (she’s never even owned a fish before).

Enter Daniel. He’s kind. Funny. And pretty darn cute. He also has a sneaky way of knocking down her defenses. But with Vicki’s past, it’s best to stay in the friend zone. That is until she finds out he’s leaving the country in six weeks. The fail-safe of a built-in expiration date to a relationship is tempting. Too tempting to pass up. But as time winds down, things heat up, causing Vicki to question her choices. Vicki must now decide if she wants to keep being a loner or open herself to love.


Rules of Disengagement

Stephanie Mitchel is quite the diva, living the life laid out in The Mitchel Sister’s Guide to an Awesome Life. But getting dumped by her boyfriend on the night she thought she was getting proposed to is pretty far from awesome. 

Now single, she finds herself back living with her mother. And if that’s not bad enough, her band is hired to sing at her ex’s wedding. Luckily, it is there that she meets Jake, the first person to push her out of her comfort zone, causing her to break some of the rules she holds so dear. But at the first sign of trouble, Stephanie panics and retreats to her old behavior, sabotaging their relationship.

The only way she can move forward and live life on her own terms is to face her painful past. Is it too late?